Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kamran Khavarani: Rumi Says...

 "Now I am totally enfolded in love,
Free from the world's cares."

 "Unseen, as the life-force
you flow,
intertwined within my life
Like a graceful spruce,
bringing splendor into my garden."

 "Oneness freed all the beings from their prison
and delighted the spirit of the Lovers."

 "Do not look to others to tell you how to lead your life,
do not be bound to preconceived ideas that others have taught you,
do not sell yourself to anything;
you are so valuable in your own right."

"I was dead, I came to life.
I was sadness, I became joy
The boundless kingdom of love arrived,
and made my life eternal bliss."

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